services we offer

Systomat offer a range of professional services to value engineer a solution for our clients. Let us consult with you today to help streamline your operation.


Understanding requirements and managing expectations

Industries today face the immense challenges of keeping up with the rigorous demands placed on it. These challenges include exponential growth, tight deadlines, competitive market conditions, unrealistic expectations, the list is endless. This makes consulting with SYSTOMAT imperative if you are serious about streamlining your operation. We will carry out a full audit of your plant and warehouse and from this engineer a functional solution with optimum material flow and system layout.

Project Management

Plan the work and work the plan

Client liaising, upfront planning, timing, coordination with suppliers/contractors and implementation on site has to be carefully managed at all times. SYSTOMAT allocates professional engineers to this task from the inception to implementation of a project.

System Upgrades

Sweat the asset

Clients don’t always have the means to purchase new equipment and may prefer to extend the life of the assets they already have. SYSTOMAT can carry out an audit of the existing equipment and from this ascertain if the equipment can be upgraded or not. Over years technology outdates and by upgrading with the latest technology the life of the old equipment can be extended and the equipment can be supported into the foreseeable future.

How can we help you?

With over 25 years knowledge and experience in the materials handling industry our specialist team is at your service. Let us engage to find the best materials handling solution for you.

Service & Spares

After sales support with peace of mind

SYSTOMAT ensure that all the systems we supply into the market will be supported either remotely or on-site through SLA (Service Level Agreements) with our clients. We always recommend clients carry stock of critical spare parts not readily available which they purchase with the system. SYSTOMAT ensure that all equipment supplied spares are however readily available if needed.