industries we service

Systomat have professional knowledge and over 25 years’
experience in the following industries.


Systomat provide a comprehensive range of industrial automation technology.

Industrial automation is evolving through the development of transferring of information (data) through the various manufacturing processes. IOT (internet of things) and the “cloud” allow access to data remotely from anywhere in the world into the factory or warehouse.
One is able to measure the performance (efficiency and productivity) of the plant with ease. Monitoring systems can indicate when a part needs to be serviced or the mean time to failure (MTTF). Fault finding is painless through electronic devices that indicate the exact nature of the fault and these components can easily be reset or replaced preventing any damage to the equipment.


Systomat integrate technology in a warehouse or distribution centre to automate the internal movement of product from picking to packing to dispatch.

Modern warehouses and distribution centres have become technologically advanced in order to manage and maintain the large variety and quantity of stock holding, order picking and order fulfilment.


Systomat with our international partners offer automated baggage and cargo handling systems for the airports.

Developed, proven technology of the highest international standard from check-in to departure and then on arrival.

How can we help you?

With over 25 years knowledge and experience in the materials handling industry our specialist team is at your service. Let us engage to find the best materials handling solution for you.

Parcel & Post

Systomat provide materials handling and automated conveyor solutions for the post and parcel industry.

E-commerce has revolutionised the post and parcel industry in terms of shear volumes and speed at which parcels need to be dispatched and delivered. Parcel express companies have to continuously look at automation in order to service their markets and remain competitive.

Parts & Sub-Assembly Lines

Systomat supplies a range of materials handling solutions for OEM parts and automotive sub-assembly lines.

The systems that Systomat design and supply are well-engineered, robust and fully functional. This results in highly efficient, reliable equipment with low energy consumption and very low running costs.

End of Line Packaging & Palletising

Systomat supplies fully automated end of line packing and palletising solutions.

Systomat, together with our associated companies, are able to supply functional and highly efficient machinery and solutions that have been developed over decades, ensuring optimum performance for our clients packing and palletising requirements.

Systomat’s principles place a great emphasis on energy efficiency and reducing consumption and waste of packing materials to help protect the earth’s carbon footprint.